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Summer Holidays – Day 5

The Summer holidays are upon me and I am with my beautiful, healthy children – they are great and I am very grateful to be able to spend 6 weeks with them.  They are growing up fast and once they go to secondary school I won’t get them to myself during the holidays.  Only thing is it’s not going as well as I’d envisaged.  I’m finding it really hard!  There are various challenges I’m encountering on a daily basis:

Challenge 1: Answering the first question of the day – “What are we doing today?”

Challenge 2: Not relying on TV and iPad for juvenile entertainment.

Challenge 3: Constant feeding.

Challenge 4: Healthy feeding.

Challenge 5: Repeatedly saying “no” to constant sugar demands.

Challenge 6: Staying calm and positive.

Challenge 7: Spending less than £20.00 a day.

Today we’ve been swimming.  We did that yesterday too.  I also had an argument with my eldest child over a can of Sprite and a discarded cereal bowl.  We did something like that yesterday too.

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